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my anaconda don’t want none



I shouldn’t have to give people directions on what to do for my birthday. If your close to me you should just know… not hound me on what I wanna do… it won’t matter anyway.
I’m about to go to bed this birthday isn’t gonna get any better…

So far… my birthday can go fuck it’s self.

This is why I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday because in the end it’s just like any other day were I’m reminded how much I suck at life. This time by the man I love……. I hate this… he won’t even talk to me… so now I feel like the asshole…… I honestly wish I never woke up.

The goal for my birthday was to not cry today……
Well that lasted long.

It’s my birthday!!!!!! :3


A REFLECTION IN ORIONThis image of NGC 1999, a reflection nebula in Orion, was captured just weeks after astronauts repaired the Hubble Space Telescope in 1999.At a distance of about 1500 light years from Earth, NGC 1999 was discovered about two centuries ago by the Herschels. Sir William Herschel, and his sister Caroline, produced the first large catalog of stars and nebulae – it would eventually become the New General Catalog (where we get `NGC’ numbers from).This nebula is particularly famous, as the first Herbig-Haro object ever discovered is just out of shot – practically adjacent to the nebula.The letter ‘T’ in the centre of the nebulae is a Bok globule (named after astronomer Bart Bok). The globule is a cold cloud of gas and dust; so dense it blocks the light from behind it – just like a dirty window.-CBImage Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI); C. Robert O’Dell (Rice University), Thomas P. Ray (Dublin Institute for Advanced Study), and David Corcoran (University of Limerick).More Information

Appenzellerland (by pboehi)

Brace Yourself…


Updated marriage equality map! Congrats Michigan!!

wisconsin we have you surrounded just surrender already
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