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This is starting to bother me…. I havnt felt this miserable in a while… My leg keeps shaking I can’t interact with anyone without being a bitch and snapping.. I’m not hungry, but when I am im extremely picky and only want the tastiest and most likely unhealthiest thing I can get my hands on… I want to lose weight so I can stop feeling like a fat miserable bitch but I feel like this is what I was meant to become…
I literally can’t get excited about anything because half the time I’m the only one… Now lately I don’t even bother because I don’t see the point… If its something that I have to do alone why bother?
I don’t even care that my birthday is in a month… I was excited.. But the few things I would want are unobtainable and can’t even be discussed without me being wrong anyways… I feel like all the hope and bubbliness that I’ve kept fronting to everyone is draining away by the gallon..
I can’t keep this up.. I can’t make anyone happy when I’m a few notes short of being thrown in a mental ward… Seriously if I didn’t have mike in my life… I would disappear. Nothing would truly matter… He’s my anchor.. He has great intentions by forbidding me to do certain things I wanna do.. Without him there to get mad, I’d go nuts and roll face and rave my ass off… Which I’m always gonna wanna do but getting him anywhere with more people than seats is like pulling teeth…
If I had one birthday wish…. I wish people would give a shit about what I want for a change.. I do way too much for too little and if I were to disappear, would anyone ask why..?
I feel like I’m a soulless 15 year old again…. Never satisfied with anything and wanting recognition..
Always listening… Never listened to… But questioned to the 5th fucking degree when asked what’s wrong…
Everything is wrong you clueless sac of shit.. You’re terrible at giving advice when half of it you should be taking yourself! You no longer have the deadweight of your baby mama hanging at your ankles. You are home all damn day. You have ample time to improve your life…
Me… I’m running out of will….
Fuck everything pretty much…….

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I wish there was a way i could explain how I feel about it…. Without seeming like a jealous dick….


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i need this

not being at comic con like 

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